Lockstate RemoteLock Support Partners

Lockstate RemoteLock Support Partners

RemoteLock Works with Airbnb & Beds24

AirBnB communicates automatically with our wifi remote locks.
Airbnb and Beds 24 communicate automatically with our wifi remote locks.
  • The Smartest Lock for Your Airbnb Rental.
  • Automatically provide access to your guests when they book your Airbnb rental.
  • We just added Beds24.com as our next booking channel manager partner.
  • Manage Your Lock From Anywhere.

Manage your lock from any laptop or smartphone, view access history, and create guest-codes from anywhere.

  • WiFi Internet Connected Lock

The RemoteLock connects to your existing WiFi router. No additional equipment needed!

  • Keeping You Informed

Receive emails or text messages when your guests arrive, or anyone accesses your property.

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LockState is a Worldwide Partner of Airbnb & Beds24

RemoteLock and ResortLock solutions from LockState eliminate the problems of remotely managing property access, including the expense and hassle of key exchanges, the disruption of early check-ins and overstays, and eliminates the security risks of unauthorized access.

Ask us about volume pricing for multiple property owners.

LockState is part of Airbnb Host Assist and its smart locks are the type that allows hosts to become Business Travel Ready. Manage one or many properties with LockState Connect, the smart lock management portal that:

  • allow travelers the ability to self-check in whenever they need to using RemoteLock or ResortLock smart locks
  • provides alerts for lock usage
  • lets hosts set permissions for service staff
  • and allows direct guest code extensions for late checkouts, code removals for cancellations, and additional updates for security management.

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SiliconHaven's LockState products are part of the Airbnb Host Assist Program and have a direct integration with Airbnb and Beds24 booking.

Connect Your Airbnb Listing to RemoteLock in Under 30 Seconds

Step 1: Select the Connect With AirBnB Option on Your Lock

Integration with your Airbnb listing starts from within the RemoteLock online web application.

Step 2: Log Into Your Airbnb Account

Once you click on 'Connect with AirBnB', you will be sent to AirBnB to log into your account.

Step 3: Allow RemoteLock to Connect With AirBnB

Once logged in, click on 'Allow' to authorize the Lockstate Connect portal to connect to your Airbnb account.

Step 4: Tie Your Airbnb Listing to RemoteLock

Once access is allowed, the portal will show you listings from your Airbnb account. Select the listing you wish to tie to this lock. You are done!

Once bookings are made, guest codes will automatically be generated and sent to your guests.

View below video for a better understanding. Should the video not display, watch it in a separate window here.


Get Airbnb Business Travel Ready With 24 x 7 Access Using RemoteLock