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Say Hello to the Future of Door Locks.

RemoteLock 6i by Lockstate.

WiFi Activated

RemoteLock 6i is a new commercial WiFi Lock made by Lockstate. Ideal for AirBnB vacation rental guest access, apartments, houses, offices or any other facility that needs remote door lock management.


Weatherproof surface and keypad inside a sturdy metal casing guarantee security.

Remote Control

Control access to your home or apartment with just one click - from wherever you are. Our Lockstate locks are WiFi compatible. You can use an app to lock or unlock doors, delete user codes, and much more.


This is how Lockstate Locks Work.


Easy Installation

Connects directly to existing routers without additional equipment. This robust WiFi-enabled lock allows landlords from outside to lock or unlock doors, control accesses, and even send messages when codes are used incorrectly.

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Easy Installation


Weatherproof surface and keypad prevent damage.

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Connect to AirBnB

RemoteLock 6i is part of the AirBnB Host Assist program.

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  • WiFi Enabled
  • Weatherproof Surface and Keypad
  • One-Touch-Lock-Button. Lock your door with one touch
  • Up to 1000 User/Guest Codes
  • Control Access in Real Time from your online account
  • Easy adding and deleting user codes. Lock- or unlock doors remotely
  • Dedicated User Access Times
  • You have choices: House and/or Room Doors
  • Automatically set open/lock times or grant continuous access
  • Privacy Mode: All user codes can be deactivated temporarily
  • Lockout-Functionality (after 5 failed entries)
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Long Battery Life with "Heartbeat" Technology

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